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Thu, Nov 15 2018 6:00 PM


The best kind of gig = the one you don't need to drag yourself out of the house for.

Tune in to quite possibly to sfSound Radio from 6pm to 10pm to hear the tablecore improvisation of the duo Usufruct, consisting of flutist, composer, vocalist/improviser Polly Moller Springhorn and computer musician Tim Walters, and the Noodles (Michael Zelner, Suki O'Kane). Usufruct deconstructs, lovingly reassembles, and improvises around found texts and musical materials in the public domain. So do the Noodles. We'llĀ  perform live while you say

Yes. Yes. Everything in the fridge is now going into the soup.

I mean...

That's what we'll be doing.
Audio samples in which musicians at this event play: