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Wed, Nov 14 2018 9:00 PM

Studio Grand
3234 Grand Ave, Oakland
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Oakland's own Voicehandler celebrates the release of their latest album "light from another light" with Andrew Bernstein from Baltimore and local sound magicians IMA.

VOICEHANDLER plays intuitive, incantatory music grounded in the most primitive and somatic instruments -- the voice and percussion -- juxtaposed with contemporary, disembodied electronics. We situate ourselves in our physical and social environment through our music. Our improvisations are shaped by their setting and context, and we use site-specific installations to more deeply experience spaces. We deconstruct song forms in relation to mythology and literature to explore our humanity and the shifting discourse surrounding it.

VH's new self-released CD "light from another light" is a collection of improvised pieces representative of their live sets from the past couple years. The instrumentation differs from their previous album with Rivero making extensive use of modular electronics, and Heule expanding to a full drum kit.

Jacob Felix Heule: percussion
Danishta Rivero: voice and electronics

ANDREW BERNSTEIN is a composer and intermedia artist based in Balitmore, MD. His work for solo alto saxophone draws on the traditions of minimalism, free improvisation, and electroacoustic music, expanding the sound palette of the instrument through extended techniques and electronic manipulations. His work has taken form in compositions for acoustic and electronic instruments, generative audio/visual software, interactive multimedia installations, solo and ensemble performances, and works for theatre, film and dance. Bernstein is 1/4 of the experimental quartet Horse Lords and is a member of the High Zero Collective. He has presented his work internationally and has released music on the labels Hausu Mountain, Northern Spy, NNA Tapes, and Ehse Records. He is on the faculty of Goucher College's MA in Digital Arts and MFA in Art & Technology.

IMA is the sound project of Nava Dunkelman x Amma Ateria, marching forth with fearless percussion, stark electronics, and filmic poetic vocals. Deconstructing and dissolving heavy music through restraint and release, IMA strives for a balance between meticulous detailed precision of instrumentation, and chaos of densities driven to brinks of breakage, situated by beautification in between. IMA has been presented in residency at The Stone, New York City (2016) and San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, SF (2016). Performed and collaborated with Ikue Mori, Pauchi Sasaki, Fred Frith, John Zorn, Matmos, Zeena Parkins, Erik Friedlander, and many others.

doors 9pm/music 9:30pm
all ages
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Fred Frith and Nava Dunkelman