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Thu, Dec 13 2018 8:00 PM

Ivy Room
860 San Pablo Ave Albany
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Damn Skippy Featuring Scott Amendola, Will Bernard, John Schott, Jenny Scheinman & Todd Sickafoose! TWO NIGHTS! Completely different music each night! Three members of the 1990's Bay Area acid-Jazz supergroup T. J. Kirk, joined by Jenny Schieman & Todd Sickafoose, makes for a special night of grooving musical mayhem at the Ivy Room. Drummer Scott Amendola and guitarists Will Bernard and John Schott are masterful instrumentalists who share a penchant for musical anarchy and comedy when they get together. Joined by Jenny Schieman & Todd Sickafoose, this will be a memorable evening of feverish East Bay-centric Jazz and Funk, dished up by old friends and mad scientists of groove. In 1993, four young Bay Area Jazz hotshots came together, purely for fun, to form a high-concept supergroup named James T. Kirk, so named because their repertoire consisted only of mashed-up versions of songs by James Brown, Thelonious Monk, and Rahasan Roland Kirk. Response was immediate and overwhelming, including from Paramount Studios who demanded that the group change their name, which they did, re-christening it T. J. Kirk. Soon the group was signed to Warner Bros., releasing acclaimed CDs and touring the States. That the band was comprised of three guitarists and a drummer only added to the quirky uniqueness their sound and conception. Eventually Will Bernard, John Schott, , Scott Amendola, and Charlie Hunter, all focused on their own bands and careers, putting the group on indefinite hiatus since the late 90's.
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