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Wed, Dec 12 2018 8:00 PM

Ezra Buchla
Selfie-proof, there's no chance you'll grasp this kid in one take. His presence efferfescing between darkness and light is unphotographable, and very nearly inconceivable. Luckily he makes a hell of a sound. Buchla's music isn't cinematic since there are no narrative guarantees. His avant-pop projects like The Mae Shi, or his duo GOWNS with Erika Anderson only deepen the inscrutability, as do recent collaborations with clipping., Chelsea Wolfe, Andre Vida, Father Murphy, and Claire Cronin. Oh, plus with Brian Crabtree he built the open-source 'norns' sound processor available from sound machines for the exploration of time and space. So, your camera phones are gonna be useless but bring everything else you got.

Sally Decker
Words may be the weirdest sounds of all, folding hearing together with meaning, and perception with intention. Decker's music approaches sound, language, circuit, emotion and exterior space as all of a piece. Summoning audiences to an awareness of perception itself as intuition, Decker's refined use of feedback systems, the voice, and text-scores pull you headlong between internal and external worlds where "each day carries a different version of what you project onto it." Whatever you may hear see and feel at her shows, whether and how to stay or escape from ultrafine feedback of insides and outs is only ever up to you.

Twenty-two years composing, exploring and inventing sounds and new instruments to find them, David Molina is a master multi-instrumentalist who doesn't flinch at facing down power and politics of injustice. His music addresses social justice issues from borders as collective prisons to imperialism and the environment. For the past 2 years he has been on tour constantly with The Pyramids, Impuritan, and ongoing projects based in Peru, Germany, the UK while remaining prolific in film, theater, and music composition. It's rare to get to hear his solo, furthest-out, ambient/noise project known as Transient. This is that chance, don't blink or he's on another hemisphere.

New compositions from Tena Deletist are not to be missed. Undiluted unblinking unlying music born of love and courage, everything about her is genuine and full tilt. Her voice is her own, sonorous and singular and transmutable to any instrument she touches, or any vessle for that matter. Cutting a wood stove chimney into her ten foot truck, with room for that red piano from bleakhaus, a cello, an oboe, electronics, a bike, a canine, and a bed, her home, her art and her heart have blossomed. When experimental and experiential combine we have everything to learn, come embrace and be embraced by the antithesis of all things elitist.

Cost: $5