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Sun, Dec 9 2018 3:00 PM

Hailing from varying backgrounds and 3 different continents, the female music trio "Mooncake" consists of Swedish-based saxophonist/flutist Biggi Vinkeloe, flutist/vocalist Emily Hay from Southern California and Japanese born pianist/sound artist Motoko Honda who now lives in Oakland. Hay and Honda have collaborated as a duo together since 2009 and the Mooncake trio developed when they invited Vinkeloe to join them for some concerts in San Francisco several years ago which led to new friendships and genre busting and unique musical explorations.

The program presented oscillates between written compositions with classical or jazz connotations, instant compositions for two flutes and piano with electronic elements, improvisations with several layers of sounds and melodies, pieces with voice, sax and piano along with electro-acoustic elements. The three musicians are freely interacting with each other in shorter or longer pieces. The concert has two sets and features duos and trios with saxophone, piano, voice, flutes and electronics.

Motoko Honda, piano, electronics
Emily Hay, flutes, voice, electronics
Biggi Vinkeloe, flute, saxophone

Cost: 20 / 10