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Wed, Jan 30 2019 7:30 PM

660 Lomita Dr, Stanford, CA 94305
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"this title refers to a counterproductive piece of private property"

Colin Tucker and Charlie Sdraulig realize a new work by Colin Tucker for speakers and two performers thematizing the given embodied actualities in everyday and performance settings. The work begins with an installation in which recordings of ambient sounds of the performance space are played back, activating ambiguities between live and recorded sounds. The installation proceeds seamlessly into a work for two human performers and speakers featuring subtle modifications of breath sounds.

FREE and Open to the Public
Wed, Jan 30, 7:30pm
CCRMA Stage, The Knoll
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Colin Tucker is a Buffalo-based artist, researcher, and curator whose work explores institutions of historical Western art music such as score, musical instrument, and concert performance in relation to embodied materialities.

Charlie Sdraulig composes interactions at perceptual and physical thresholds. His work has featured at the SPOR, MATA, and Akademie Schloss Solitude festivals, among others. His research encompasses writing upon social dynamics in experimental sonic practices, as well as empirical studies in timbre perception. He is represented by the Australian Music Centre.

Cost: FREE