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Sat, Feb 16 2019 7:30 PM

660 Lomita Dr, Stanford, CA 94305
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Sharkiface and Danishta Rivero perform at CCRMA
FREE and Open to the Public
Saturday, Feb 16, 7:30pm
CCRMA Stage, The Knoll

Sharkiface is a solo electronic musician and sound artist from Oakland, CA. She uses an interdisciplinary approach to create live textural incantations Layering live samples, textures and rhythms, her mostly improvised sets are made with an extremely tactile and rare synthesizer, the Ciat-Lonbarde Tranoe Ambrazier, sampler and manipulated voice. Sharkiface also plays in the dark wave, synth duo Jeweled Snakes, and performs with Aurora Josephine in the femme fatale electronic duo Tainted Pussy. A long time participant in the Bay Area noise scene, since 2000, Sharkiface has been in projects such as Caroliner, Crack:WAR, Pigs in the Ground, and Tarantism. She also started and co-ran Life Changing Ministry, West Oakland's noise chapel.

Danishta Rivero is an improviser, performer, and sound artist based in Oakland, California. She is a vocalist whose solo performances involve the processing of her voice through electronics in order to explore the multi-dimensional presence of embodied, subjective, acoustic and amplified sound in space. She also plays the Hydrophonium, a water-based electro-acoustic percussion instrument she created using hydrophones and jars filled with water. Rivero performs solo, often as Caribay, as well as with her electro-acoustic duo Voicehandler with percussionist Jacob Felix Heule. She is also half of Las Sucias, a feminist tropical noise duo with Alexandra Buschman-Román.

Cost: FREE
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