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Sat, Jan 26 2019 7:30 PM

660 Lomita Dr, Stanford, CA 94305
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Improvisation and performance by: Michele Cheng, Julie Herndon, Barbara Nerness, Stephanie Sherriff, Michiko Theurer, Julie Zhu

Works by: Michele Cheng, Robert Fleitz, Kerrith Livengood with instruments created and extended by Patricia Alessandrini, Barbara Nerness, Stephanie Sherriff, and Julie Zhu.

FREE and Open to the Public
Saturday, Jan 26, 7:30pm
CCRMA Stage, The Knoll
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Michele Cheng is an interdisciplinary artist who uses music, experimental theatre, and other forms of media to confront social issues and cultural identities. Taking a journalistic approach, she develops creative projects that reflect the complex issues to create public understanding.

Julie Herndon is a composer and performer working with internal/external space through improvisation, text, graphics, and electronics. Her work explores the body’s relationship to the self, to performance, and to tools like musical instruments and personal technology.

Barbara Nerness is a second year Masters student at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA), Stanford University, currently working at the intersection of sound, space, and mind. She is interested in technological subversion, telling stories through immersive audiovisual performance, and auditory neuroscience.

Stephanie Sherriff is an anti-disciplinary artist and MFA candidate in Art Practice at Stanford University. As a non-traditional performer and composer, her work with sound is entangled with process-based reactions to deconstructed familiar forms and methods.

Michiko Theurer is a violinist, artist, and second-year musicology student at Stanford. She seeks to create shared spaces through interdisciplinary resonances.

Julie Zhu is a composer, artist, and carillonneur. Her work is visual and aural--from artist books to sculptures and installations, sound walks to chamber music--operating on an expansive definition of score, striving for the expressive absurd.

Cost: FREE
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