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Wed, Feb 20 2019 8:00 PM

Mr. Hungry & The Gnawing Sensations
From the dark annals of American history, the post-famous Mr. Hungry brings The Gnawing Sensations out where you can finally hear them clearly. Clarity doesn't always dispel mystery though, after all it's weird in there. Voices of the dead and living interweave with explosions of internal combustion engines. Mr. Hungry's words have been published in Mondo 2000, Wired, Domus, Étapes, Rhizome and with a brand new book on O'Reilly, his music by contrast is found mostly-only in the underground. Core nerd of nerd-core legends Three Day Stubble, Mr. Hungry is a big deal with sex appeal, crazed fans swarm his Pacer but we'll clear a path and The Gnawing Sensations will serve the latest hottest concoctions piping hot and family style. Bring extra forks and extra friends.

Kim Nucci
Electronics, voice, sax and live projections in the hands of Kim Nucci become implements for pondering the pedestrian cybernetic body, the snarl of human and machine, and the potentials of ritualism and trance in improvisation. Their interactive installations have involved architectural interventions, sculpture, arduino and other microcontrollers, idiosyncratic interactive design, painting and projections, while live improvisations extend even unto all humans present. Don't miss these many gifts unwrapped noisily before your very ears inside the Peacock Lounge.

Andy Puls
A special appearance on the ocassion of his own day of birth: Thaumaturg and electronics designer, musician and video sculptor, a master creator (who's next project is rumored to be newly living human flesh ensouled!) Andy Puls knows no bounds. His performances hover on the glowing winds of live, intuitive, visualizations from an analog light beam/refraction machine he built, driven by his own MELODY ORACLE synth system (“a musical pattern divination system.") Across the years his explorations probe ever deeper, carving a quadrant of the underground unto himself: from A Magic Whistle to Neon Hunk to Crystal Fantasy (though discogs itself still hasn't connected these dots!) And in all his work, the esoteric ecstasies he's able to summon are quite real, secret only to those who fail to seek. |

Julia Mazawa
Always already collaborating, Julia Mazawa is an improviser, illustrator, sculptor and recordist who lives life with play and record buttons both mashed flat, raising timbres from etched slabs, laying and delaying their path from tonearm to circuit to soundspace. The city and it's people, her life and her compadres, are all drawn forth, folded and spun together into strange familiars, right before your ears.