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Tue, Jun 11 2019 9:00 PM

Uptown Nightclub
1928 Telegraph Ave Oakland
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Active Music Series presents:
Stevie Richards with Jacob Felix Heule, Robert Lopez, and Shanna Sordahl
The Lost Shapes
Shanna Sordahl solo

STEVIE RICHARDS::::::: (((with Jacob Felix Heule, Robert Lopez, and Shanna Sordahl)))
Stevie Richards is a saxophonist and modular synth builder and performer from Melbourne, Australia. He has been touring Europe, the United States and South-East Asia regularly for the last five years and is an active participant in the avant-garde / improvisation environment of his hometown of Melbourne. He has been the sound engineer and a committee member of Make It Up Club in Melbourne since 2002. He started performing in the alternative music scene in Sydney in the eighties, where he found and appreciation for improvisation and electronic music. As a musician, he has moved through noise, free jazz, ambient and electroacoustic music both as a soloist and through deliberate international collaboration.

Adventurous original jazz music. We all compose. You could call it avant-garde. You could call it abstract expressionism. We call it music.
Max Miller-Loran-trumpet
Kasey Knudsen-sax
Mark Clifford-vibraphone
Safa Shokrai-bass
Jason Levis-drums

Shanna Sordahl is a sound artist and composer based in Oakland, CA. Using amplified cello with analog and digital electronics and installation art as her primary mediums, Shanna’s work is a continual exploration of one's relationship to both sound and physical spaces. She emphasizes timbral changes, the resonant body of objects, and the re-contextualization of sound through the use of unconventional playing techniques, feedback, and audience immersion. Shanna strives to create sonic and physical spaces that induce a focused state of awareness, where one is encouraged to reflect on or reconsider their relationship to sound, people, spaces, and ultimately, ideas.

Cost: $5-15 sliding scale
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