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Sat, Apr 6 2019 9:00 PM

Vaal, Pedro Arbulu, and Atlas Kan

Join Gray Area and Modular at the Grand Theater for the San Francisco debut of artist Vaal. Operating within the midst of a shadowy existence since her very first experimentations with electronic music, Vaal has established a sterling reputation for her nuanced compositions. Blending a multitude of influences from dark wave and indie to straight up techno, Vaal’s captivating sound reflects her eclectic personal tastes, though with a deep-set penchant for the melancholy and macabre. Vaal occupies a strange middle ground between solitude and dance floor communion; transmitting emotional depth, captivating rhythms and entrancing narratives that will take you on a sonic journey. Opening sets by:
Pedro Arbulu | Modular
Atlas Kan | Funktion One