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Wed, Jun 19 2019 8:00 PM

Anla Courtis (Reynols), Dimuzio, & Wobbly, TendHer, Vaux Flores
WED June 19 at The Peacock Lounge 552 Haight, SF
$5-$10 sliding scale, doors 7:30pm, bands 8-11pm all-ages notaflof

Anla Courtis (Reynols) with Dimuzio, & Wobbly
Notorious for some of the quietist music ever played, government agents once stopped his public performance on electric guitar because he had it plugged into a pumpkin, frightening tourists. And fans still clamor for copies of his Dematerialized CD that disintegrates 15 seconds before you open the jewelcase. Odds are though you'll be gripping your ears tight just to keep your head from blowing away. Released worldwide on record labels from Finland to New Zealand and Russia to Malaysia, he's collaborated with Pauline Oliveros and Reynols, Lasse Marhaug, Yoshimi, RLW and on this occasion our very own heavies Wobbly and Thomas Dimuzio. |

With rose-colored glasses smashed all to bits, perpetual positivity and unstrained generosity require nothing less than alchemy in a world fraught with struggle and loss. Maria Yates is just such a catalyser. With electronic music, functional sculpture, art and community organizing, Yates transmutes grimmest reality into aureate possibility not only for herself but always for others also. Operating from a clandestine factory beside a 1930's WPA tidepool, Yates has created glasswork to fill spaces of longing, held space others could fill with sonic experimentation and pulled a broad community into earshot of one another. Yates' solo project, TendHer, plumbs the interiorities of her own experience, pulsing, ambient, and expansive, the first motion of a world-beating embrace.

Building a plane already in flight, Travis Johns performs what [& while] he creates, piloting by instrumentation while variously crashlanding himself in Costa Rica, the Bay Area, Ithaca, NY suddenly lifting up again kite-like but always attached to the moniker VauxFlores, which is also the name of his fascinating net-label. If conventional tools yield only conventional results, Johns is building quite another world entirely, giving others the means through hands-on workshops like the one at ProArts Saturday 6/22. But first, come see and hear him buzz the Peacock Lounge on June 19.
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