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Wed, Aug 14 2019 8:00 PM

BDaSMr, Suki O'Kane, Anastasia Clarke, Ruby Guides

Nerves sink a hundred billion hooks into the synaptic gaps you call your mind. Wires can't discern between tickle or torture, the beginning of a tingle or maybe it's a terrible burn. Between pain or pleasure, laughter or panic, there lie no nerves at all just free will, a lie of the mind. At the threshold of the Automomous Sensory Meridian, sound might freeze the spine and pickle the skin. Was that the rasp of a voice or a whip lifting up from freshly welted skin? Listen again... waiting for the next beat becomes a beating all its own, and just for you. Withheld until it isn't, your irresistable fear delivered by BDaSMr, the "whisper disco" duo of Sharkiface and bran(...)pos. Hold on tight as they unlock your triggers and drop your trapdrawers.

Suki O'Kane
If ever you've suspected individuals are not the only or most interesting subject of inquiry, artists like Suki O'Kane have much wisdom to share. A natural born instigator across multiple worlds of music, movement, expanded cinema and public art genres, she emanantes what in days gone by would have been painted as an aura, a halo, and yet evades detection of authorities by immersing herself, decades-deep, in gorgeously fetid swamps of shared artistic endeavor. Composing for and collaborating with so many, including Thingamajigs Performance Group, inkBoat, Theater of Yugen, the Dan Plonsey ensembles, and Illuminated Corridor, it's particularly enlightening nontheless to see her solo where she often focuses on movement theater and durational performance. Of course, the audience becomes her unwitting collaborator as, rising from the bog of our collective psychic warmth, there appears dripping Jurassic electronics, a bass drum painted with moving images, masterful restraint, and a treasure of sound.

Anastasia Clarke
The urge to all-or-nothing, the lure of specialization, pursuing one way at the exclusion of all others, might be the hallmark of human folly. You'll find Anastasia Clarke is of another sort and presence, an artist whose mastery is expansive, undaunted by challenges of taking on multiple forms, digital, physical, conceptual, and all manner of tools, circuit, space, light, movement, pressing all to new limits of expression. Anastasia creates custom musical instruments and performing systems that incorport interactive props, immersive environments, analog circuitry, and live embodied electronic music performance, which is to say, you gotta be there. No video or bootleg is going to stand in for you, and the performance, really space itself, won't be the same without you there. Expect a new sensibility to reveal itself, as physical instrument interaction and improvisation expand your understanding of the healing efficacies of sound and listening.

Ruby Guides (Wobbly & Prof. Cantaloupe)
Deep calling unto deep, two giant squid tangle in the watery dark, Mitchell Brown and Jon Leidecker. The hypercephalic Brown (aka Professor Cantaloupe) focuses his inky eye some time on the material world, the rest of the time a weather system roils within his mantle leaking into our world as waveforms. An LA native, Brownn is the first phone call for electronic music luminaries whose legendary conversations and live performances air on KXLU and Dublab radio. His entanglements with Jon Leidecker comprise the duo known as Ruby Guides. From any abyss, no Kraken was endowed with as many tentacles as Leidecker has collaborators. From his role with Negativland and Over the Edge radio to his recordings with Dieter Moebius, Tim Story, Blevin Blectum, and Tom Dimuzio right up to tonight where Ruby Guides will churn the blood red sea beneath your dingey.
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