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Mon, Oct 7 2019 8:30 PM

Pro Arts
150 Frank H Ogawa Plaza - Oakland, walking distance from downtown oakland BART (12th street)
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oakland freedom jazz society presents two groups led by long-time collaborators Phillip Greenlief & Jon Raskin

1st set
electro-acoustic improvisation with movement
Phillip Greenlief - tenor saxophone
min yoon - movement
sharkiface - electronics
kevin corcoran - percussion

Phillip Greenlief

Min Yoon | Citizen Truth is a butoh dancer and ritual performance artist, devoted to uncovering deeper, more intuitive nature in how we relate to our being and the world, by dancing between the socially constructed lines of feminine / masculine, intention / action, mystical / physical, life / art, ritual / performance, abstract / narrative, sound / body... Min started butoh dance, out of the darkest moments in their life, to dive into deeper landscapes and research the images, opening, and movement needed for our times. Butoh is an expressive mode of dance that seeks to find what is deep within, beyond what is socially accepted in a pursuit of new expressions of truth. They have studied and performed with master butoh teachers, Atsushi Takenouchi of Jinen Butoh School in Italy, Anastazia Louise of Bad Unkl Sista, and Mizu Desierto of Water in the Desert. Min’s artistic works have been funded by Kultuuri Kaupilla in Finland, The City of Oakland, and The Battery Club of San Francisco.

Sharkiface is a solo electronic musician and sound artist from Oakland who creates live textural incantations. Layering live samples, textures and rhythms, her mostly improvised sets are made with an extremely tactile and rare synthesizer, the Ciat-Lonbarde Tranoe Ambrazier, sampler and manipulated voice. Sharkiface also plays in the dark wave, synth duo Jeweled Snakes. A long-time participant in the Bay Area noise scene, since 2000, Sharkiface has been in projects such as Caroliner, Crack:WAR, Pigs in the Ground, and Tarantism.

Kevin Corcoran is a San Francisco, California based percussionist and sound collector focused on extended techniques, found objects, improvisation and site-specificity. He collaborates with musicians, dancers, writers and filmmakers, has performed across the United States, Europe and East Asia and exhibited sound installations locally. Recently his collaboration with vocalist Gretchen Jude, hirakito, was published on Full Spectrum records, and Adapter from the percussion duo Invasive Species was released by Baggage Claim Records.

2nd set
The Out of Bounds Trio
Music that lives on the edges of sound and sight, looking past the present utilizing what's been learned on the way.

Tim Bulkley drums
Jon Raskin saxophones
Safa Shokrai bass

Tim Bulkley is a drummer and artist located in the Northern California areaand is known for a musical, intuitive approach to drumming. He grew up taking piano lessons, taking art classes, singing in choirs & studying the drums. His professional career as a musician started early and has stayed a constant for over 25 years. He has played and recorded with artists including Dayna Stephens, Michelle Amador, Goh Nakamura, Evan Francis, Anton Schwartz, The Invisible Cities, John Lester, Postmodern Jukebox, Adam Platt, Stacey Kent, Boz Scaggs, Peter Bernstein, Telepathy, Wil Blades, Dandelion Dance Company and BodyVox Dance.

Jon Raskin on has been a member of Rova Saxophone Quartet for the last 42 years exploring the relationship of improvisation and composition, developing and honing the language of ensemble music and researching linguistic possibilities of the saxophone. He has performed and/ or recorded with Anthony Braxton, Fred Frith, Sam Rivers, Tim Berne, Phillip Johnston, Leo Smith, Frank Gratkowsi, Phillip Greenlief and Henry Kaiser

Safa Shokrai is inspired by visual art, architecture and movement and tgey inform the color and tone of his work. He strives to creTe a performance experince in which the audience steps into a film, a world that has been fabricated and impaged, realized with sound and sight.

Cost: $5 - $15
Audio samples in which musicians at this event play: