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Tue, Jan 14 2020 7:30 PM

Way Out West Concert Series - The Holly Martins

The Holly Martins

The Holly Martins, a long-standing collective trio of alto sax, guitar, and voice, will play an extended set of original music at the CJC. In this show, several new compositions written by the band members will be premiered! Expect complex interplay, asymmetric but repeated rhythmic patterns, harmonic twists and turns, and a dash of free improvisation.

Kasey Knudsen - alto saxophone, Eric Vogler - guitar, Lorin Benedict - voice

Named after the main character in the classic postwar film, The Third Man, The Holly Martins is a trio of Bay Area musicians dedicated to exploring the boundaries of jazz-infused improvised music, but without the trappings of a traditional "rhythm section". This configuration requires each individual to simultaneously take on multiple roles typically assigned individual players (soloist versus accompanist), thereby promoting more open-ended explorations of the material.
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Audio samples in which musicians at this event play: