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Thu, Jan 30 2020 8:00 PM

Mit Darm is the electroacoustic duo of Edward Schocker (glass/shō) and Suki O'Kane (electronics).
Often seen in their main collaborations Thingamajigs Performance Group and 'Fraid o' Freyja, Shocker and O'Kane created Mit Darm as a way of exploring discrete sonic ideas, and teetering nuanced gestures into noise.

Hanes/Adams is the improvising electronic duo of drummer John Hanes and reed player Steve Adams

Steve Adams and John Hanes came together to form their laptop electronics duo after extensive careers in other areas of music. Steve is a renowned saxophonist and long-time member of the Rova Saxophone Quartet. John is a widely respected drummer, active in jazz, rock, blues and experimental music. Both came to electronic music as part of their ongoing search for new approaches to their music. When they first started making electronic music together, they found that their approaches fit together effortlessly.

Their aesthetic shows the influence of their broad range of musical experience, so there is no area or genre of music that they avoid. The use of recordings of the human voice in both speech and song is a frequent element, as is the use of loops both obvious and disguised by processing, as well as a wide variety of other sounds from the realistic to the outlandish. They both use Max/MSP to run ppooll, an open-source environment, as well as their own creations; Ableton Live and other programs. While these programs give them great flexibility in how they can alter and shape their sounds, they also allow opportunities for the happy accident as well.

They have found that free improvisation works well as a format for their music, allowing them the freedom to explore widely divergent areas of sound while letting their innate musicality shape and structure the piece. Their pieces often are shaped by various restrictions and disciplines, and are informed by their extensive history in instrumental performance, composition and improvisation.

Cost: $8-$15 sliding scale
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