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Fri, Apr 9 2021 10:00 AM

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CCRMA World Update
Friday, April 9, 10am–7pm PDT

Even in a fragmented state caused by the pandemic restrictions and by our building being mostly closed, CCRMA has been busy with exciting new projects. So instead of waiting until next year’s in-person Open House, we are offering this special event to bring you updates on our work. We are also hoping that this format will give people outside of the Bay Area the opportunity to interact with our community.

Throughout the day, there will be lectures, posters/demos and musical offerings of recent CCRMA projects including music in virtual reality, digital signal processing, networked music performance, sound synthesis, surround sound, machine learning, and more.

Most of the event will take place in Zoom and registration is required at this link:

To fully access the features of our event, please use Zoom v5.6.1 or later.

The full program and schedule will be finalized soon, so please check for continuously updated details and exact times.
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