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Sat, Sep 18 2021 1:00 PM

660 Lomita Dr, Stanford, CA 94305
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CCRMA presents a live streaming performance with Micleușanu M in Bucharest, Romania.

Saturday, September 18, 1pm PDT

Micleușanu M (Pneumaton, CPU99, Mijatka, Gnawtwang, Ermetic) born in Bakhchysarai, Ukraine. Studied fine arts in Chisinau (MD) and Cluj-Napoca (RO). Lives in Bucharest.

I am interested in the sound substratum as a generator of sensory or intuitive perceptions. Beyond music, dealing with a kind of sonic research in various registers, I start by treating sound as a “potential dough” of modeling and transformation to facilitate sensory induction or connection to a fluctuating internal field, including an archaic one, with which we have an increasingly weaker depth contact. The already inertial dynamics that transform us into a kind of anxious “bio-mechanisms” raise questions related to freedom and ethics, because the chaos we come from is perceived more and more as disturbing or threatening. Paranoid reactions to this substratum reveal a cleavage or an intuitive rupture which leads to the progressive cybernetization of perception and communication. This explains the increasingly deficient or dysfunctional relationships with the natural environment, because pragmatism and consumerism dilute the magical dimension of life and inner peace.
—Micleușanu M
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