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Fri, May 31 2002 8:00 PM

Lorraine Hansberry Theatre
620 Sutter St. (at Mason) San Francisco

Sounding The Margins: A Retrospective of the Music of Pauline Oliveros

Four Meditations for Orchestra: The Sounding the Margins Orchestra

Maggi Payne - flute
Diane Grubbe - flute
Tom Bickley - recorder
Philip Gelb - shakuhachi
Matt Ingalls - clarinet
Phillip Greenlief - soprano saxophone
Francis Wong - tenor saxophone
Jon Raskin - baritone saxophone
Tom Djll - trumpet
Stuart Dempster - trombone
Monique Buzzart=E9 - trombone
Toyoji Tomita - trombone
David Dove - trombone
Bill T. Roper - tuba
Sara Schoenbeck - bassoon
Shoko Hikage - koto
Brett Larner - koto
Fred Frith - guitar
Maryliz Smith - piano
David Gamper - electronics
Angelique van Berlo - free bass accordion
Tom Nunn - homemade instruments
Gayle Young - Amaranth
Brenda Hutchinson - long tube instrument
Anne Hege - soprano
Karolyn van Putten - voice, percussion
Tara Flandreau - violin
Allison (AJ) Johnson - violin
Patty Liu - violin
Natalie Brejcha - viola
Jorge Boehringer - viola
Hugh Livingston - cello
Anne Bourne - cello
Loren Dempster - cello
Matthew Sperry - bass
Chris Williams - bass
George Cremaschi - bass

Steed Cowart: Rehearsal Director

Variations for Sextet (1960): sfSound Group [Matt Ingalls (bass), Hugh Livingston ('cello), Diane Grubbe (flute/piccolo), David Bithell (trumpet), Carrie Weick (French horn), Hadley McCarroll (piano), Jennifer Bailey (conductor)]

* An excerpt from Io and Her and the Trouble with Him (2001): Written and directed by Ione; Choreography by Joanna Haigood; Set design by Wayne Campbell; Pauline Oliveros (Accordion), Joanna Haigood, Sheila Lopez, Suzanne Gallo

* Improvisation (2002): Pauline Oliveros (accordion), Ione (spoken word), Brenda Hutchinson (long tube instrument), Maggi Payne (flute), Anne Hege (voice), Margot Bevington (voice), Ezekiel H Talbot (guitar), Edward Schocker (glass instrument), Brett Larner (koto), Jennifer Baker (trombone)

Double Basses at Twenty Paces (1969): Chris Williams (bass), Matt Sperry (bass), Alan Johnson (referee), Stuart Dempster (second), Tuckier Dulin (second)

Saxual Orientation (1998) (Commissioned by the Rova Saxophone Quartet): ROVA [Bruce Ackley (soprano saxophone), Steve Adams (alto saxophone), Larry Ochs (tenor saxophone), Jon Raskin (baritone saxophone)]

Red Shifts (2000): Monique Buzzarté (trombone), Tim Perkins (oscillator), Xopher Davidson (electronics), David Gamper (max patches)

The Space Between (1997-2002): Pauline Oliveros (accordion), Philip Gelb (shakuhachi), Dana Reason (piano)
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