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Fri, May 20 2022 8:00 PM

Mosswood Sound Series
3630 Telegraph Ave enter 2nd door on 37th St Oakland
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Chris Brown + BEN DAVIS

in a concert of improvised music

THE SCRIVENERS (Myles Boisen, TIM ROWE, SAFA SHOKRAI) are a tightly knit improvisational trio looking for a groove that may not exist. When they find the groove they will comment on it from a safe distance using extended instrumental techniques and careful, focused listening. The groove will most likely be implied. Maybe the groove will be connective tissue that exists below the surface. We'll find out when we get there.

Chris Brown and BEN DAVIS bring together an electroacoustic contemporary improv approach with avant-garde jazz and classical resulting in a warm conflation of ideas toward infinite possibility.

SAFA SHOKRAI (acoustic bass) is inspired by solid objects and abstract concepts. He strives to create the soundtrack for the film we all live in. Based in the Bay Area, Safa Shokrai has performed in many bands as both a freelancer and band leader in his 25 years as a professional musician. He has had the opportunity to study with jazz legend Ray Brown, the late great Jeff Chambers, and local stalwart Marcus Shelby. Safa has had the opportunity to travel around the world making music, and brings all the music styles he has absorbed into his practice, from Tuareg to South Indian to European Romani. Currently he is working on composing new music for several bands he is involved with, including The Lost Shapes and Levitator, and is looking forward to recording some

TIM ROWE (drums) is the host of the moderately popular video satire How to Play the Drums. He studied with Andrew Cyrille and wrote his master's thesis on George Jones. He played numerous solo shows in the 1990s, including one at the original Knitting Factory a week after it closed. Tim is a painter and videomaker, but trying to coax something interesting out of a drum-set is still his favorite activity.

BEN DAVIS (cello) has been concentrating on fusing his playing and ideas into a raw vehicle of acoustic expression. Playing with Ingrid Laubrock, Ellery Eskerlin, John Edwards, Wadada Leo Smith has greatly informed his playing and writing. His improvising string group Basquiat Strings was nominated for the 2007 Mercury Prize.

Myles Boisen (guitar) (cheese graters) (chipped flint and barbed wire) (played with blah, Blah-Blah, Splatter Trio, chicken bones, Tom Waits, fake fireplace)

Chris Brown (piano, electronics) is well known for his work with acoustic and electroacoustic instruments, interactive software, computer networks, microtonal tunings in both composition and improvisation. He has performed and recorded his music extensively, his latest entitled Occhio (soon to be released) with cellist Theresa Wong and oboist Kyle Bruckmann deals with rational (untempered) tuning. Chris is a founding member of the pioneering computer network music band The Hub, which received the 2018 Giga-Herz Award for Lifetime Achievement in Electronic Music.

Cost: $10-$25 sliding scale
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