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Sun, Jun 5 2022 4:00 PM

Secret Location. Details released two weeks prior via email.
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This concert will be a ritual. It will happen in a place that is dear to me, a place with acoustics both comforting and overwhelming. I’ve been visiting this place for years. It has taken care of me and for that I am grateful. I will be singing to this place and to you, us, me—my body—this transgendered body still recovering from covid and heartbreak. I will be accompanied by live electronics. My songs and extended vocal improvisations draw from the pagan oral tradition of regilaul. They are incantations and lullabies; simple songs sung to hold rage and transmute communal exhaustion. This is folk music in as much as I sing it to lessen the pain of living.

Come. Let us lose ourselves together in this place. And maybe find one another; in the land, in feeling, and in listening.

—Vaim Sarv

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The event will take place in a secret location. Details will be released two weeks prior via email.
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Vaim Sarv is an Estonian folk musician and experimental vocalist. She combines pagan oral tradition with live electronics and extended vocal technique. His practice centers deep relationships to ritual spaces with unconventional acoustics and queer senses of place.

Cost: FREE
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