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Thu, Jun 9 2022 8:00 PM

Last Paintings in Mazurka Mantis, Alphastare, Noah Berrie, Vaim Sarv
Thur June 9, 8pm-11pm $5-$15 sliding scale (notaflof!) all ages
Peacock Lounge, 552 Haight, SF

Last Paintings in Mazurka Mantis
If you've already seen this band then you're the very first since their bsfx performance turned Cinderella ball as one member fled the stage into a waiting pumpkin. Not this time, the band will be staked and tethered. All you have to do is skip those ten-for-a-penny retirement rock concerts at ticketmaster arena and come instead into ye olde underground. Last Paintings in Mazurka Mantis is not merely mysterious but vanishingly elusive and like steam from a unicorn rump, you have to be roaming around already naked in the forest to behold it at all. Music spawns from places unknown, even if legend precedes it. This supertrio has its legends, featuring Angela Roberts (FootSOS, Supertrooper zine), Chris Cooper (Fat Worm of Error, Angst Hase Pfeffer Nase), Scott Goff (CreeewDeeeTaaay) and featuring videosynth maestro Lektricman on the rods n cones!

Reach deeply enough into a guitar and those strings may start to tangle, morphing to become synth circuits as your music and the encompassing universe transmogrify in a darkening scale. Jeff Vengeance is the wizard who moves freely through such entanglements, deftly passing from scorching Punk and Death Rock collaborations that have included The Flesh Eaters and now Les Serpents 23. Spotted entering the Peacock Lounge on this evening, Alphastare will go full cat's-cradle on your neurons warping them to the weft of modular synth circuits, binding alpha wave to sine wave to gravitational wave revealing our metamorphic multiverse.

Noah Berrie
He brought a violin from New York to California; well, that and a bizarre mind which has since bloomed into a world of ambisonics, embodied and visualizd audio, handbuilt multichannel interfaces, and instruments keyed to the psychacoustic and spatial subtleties of sound. His disobedient Gutter Synth interface is roughshod and unpredictable while his synthetic Othervoice fits neatly around the throat as it resonates through the mouth. Berrie exploded his violin into a 300-million piece playable visual model, not to mention his written music compositions, check the link for examples of all he's done but come inside the Peacock Lounge to find out all he might do next, fresh from his 2022 residency at the Audium.

Vaim Sarv
"This will be a ritual. I will be singing to you, us, me—my (!?) body—this transgendered body still recovering from covid and heartbreak. I will be accompanied by live electronics attached to driftwood scavenged from the bay. My songs and extended vocal improvisations draw from the tradition of regilaul. They are incantations and lullabies; simple songs sung to hold rage and transmute communal exhaustion. This is folk music in as much as I sing it to lessen the pain of living (in an individuated, human body)." Vaim Sarv is an Estonian folk musician and experimental vocalist. She combines pagan oral tradition with live electronics and extended vocal technique. His practice centers deep relationships to ritual spaces with unconventional acoustics and queer senses of place."

Cost: $5-$15 notaflof