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Fri, Sep 2 2022 7:30 PM

o quote (with faultless precision) the hit song of my youth, please endeavor not to denominate it a 'comeback', but please DO consider joining us for the Lazarus-like first performance by the Nathan Clevenger Group since January 2020. The Group will be presenting a stack of new music along with a couple revivified -- and as-yet undocumented -- pieces from our book. New band plucky, can-do attitude...what's not to like?
The program will open with a mini-set of music composed during the COVID pandemic for solo instrumentalists. Many of these pieces have been released on 'i had a dream about amnesia', a free copy of which is yours for the taking, provided you are an attendee. This will be the first time any of these pieces are performed live in front of an audience.

Cory Wright: bass clarinet
Lisa Mezzacappa: bass
Mark Clifford: vibraphone
Beth Schenck: alto sax

Set 2: Nathan Clevenger GROUP
Kasey Knudsen: alto & tenor sax
Cory Wright: clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor sax
Beth Schenck: alto sax
Lisa Mezzacappa: bass
Jason Levis: drums, percussion
Nathan Clevenger: compositions, guitar, misc
+Mark Clifford: a probable dusting of guest vibraphone

$10-20 Sliding Scale
Proof of Vaccination Required
Please wear masks, but also be advised that the musicians will be unmasked while performing.
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avantNOIR, a suite of compositions for jazz quartet plus guests, is a musical companion to the crime novels of Dashiell Hammett and Paul Auster. All music by Lisa Mezzacappa.