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Wed, Sep 14 2022 8:00 PM

Sult explores the hidden sounds of acoustic instruments (guitar, contrabass, percussion), magnifying them with microphones so the audience can join them inside their silent cacophony. Subtle harmonics become saws cutting through metal, and creaking wooden bodies become sinking ships. (Jacob Felix Heule + 2 people from Norway)

Matt Robidoux is a San Francisco based composer, improviser, and community organizer interested in the convergence of movement and sound, especially with regards to accessibility in contemporary music and the communicative capacities of sonic energy. Their primary instrument is the corn synth — (kinetically operated randomness system [k.o.r.n.]) a modular architecture that interprets physical input from two "ears of corn" sculptures cast in aluminum.

Sally Decker is a composer & performer working with feedback systems, synthesizers, text and voice. She is interested in intuitive and embodied knowing, healing processes, and sound as a vessel for practicing presence.
Videos featuring musicians playing at this event
Jacob Felix Heule, Clarke Robinson, Matt Ingalls