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Sat, Oct 8 2022 8:00 PM

LEILA ABDUL-RAUF is a composer and multi-instrumentalist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is a co-founder of extreme metal bands Vastum, Saros, and electronic/ambient trio Ionophore. As an ambient solo artist, LEILA has released 4 albums under her name, and has collaborated with countless others. LEILA has performed at Hopscotch Music Festival in 2016, SFEMF reception in 2018, Northwest Terror Fest in 2022, and has toured internationally. Combining electronics, acoustic instruments, voice and field recordings, Leila creates an overall atmosphere of introspection, accessing what is often unconscious and obscured by the human condition: songs are not so much composed as captured from dreams. Evoking haunting and desolate places, a private world is exposed, where time and space are distilled down to what remain of distant memories and hidden emotions, melded into a symphony of ethereal melancholy.

ROSS HOYT is an American multi-instrumentalist, composer, and improviser. HOYT has released "Suburbian Sessions", "A Forlorn Figure", "Tracks",
and the collaborative effort featuring international collaborators: "Outage Power". Each release capturing HOYT's unique approach to multi-instrumental improvisation and electro-acoustic composition. 2022-2023 showcases live performances with Contra Bassist ED LLOYD flanking HOYT throughout a multitude of live performance configurations, bringing the best of live music to attentive audiences inside jazz venues, art galleries, and audio/video productions for larger performance spaces. Both multi-instrumentalists have captured the attention of creative spaces and listeners around the world with their truly unique approach to electro-acoustic composition and live improvisational performance: a duo not to be missed!

ALBERT YEH is an electro-acoustic musician and composer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. In his solo works, he explores the emotional intersection between tonality and texture, cyclical composition,
and spectral states. ALBERT is fascinated with expanding the creative ideas and temporal processes developed by Robert Fripp, Brian Eno and Pauline Oliveros.

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