Serving the San Francisco Bay Area New Music Community

Thu, Oct 13 2022 8:00 PM

CBSM, Gustavo Pastre, Methods Body, KREation Ensemble
Thurs Oct. 13 8pm-11pm $5-$15 sliding scale (notaflof) all-ages
Peacock Lounge, 552 Haight, SF
Proof of vax or negPCR<72h is required!

Cassette loops, amplified objects, synthesizers, field recordings, musical and non-musical instruments have been the implements of their warped craft since 2010. Across the decades, Cody Brant and Shane McDonell have spawned multiple duo projects including Body has no head/BHNH. Releasing ultralimited tape-trader grails on labels such as Royal Sperm (FR) and Chocolate Monk (UK), they're priced in arms & legs, vanishingly rare, and when you do finally land a copy, delivering on that mystique, they tentacle your ear and mind into the depths of sheer bafflement. Those who pay attention have noticed, between blur of spokes and the din of gears, the two faces of CBSM also appear amidst the Portland Bike Ensemble.

Gustavo Pastre
Some objects aren't just inanimate but inexplicable, their mute and ghastly mystery is in how they force us to approach them, lift, fold, spindle, and mutilate. Intensely small objects attract a kind of human called an engineer, obsessing them to conjoin, configure and jolt with low voltage into a sort of screaming life. Burned into wafers of silica, an endless procession of engineers will squint and singe their copper-capillaries, sipping wisps of acrid smoke into their noses. Gustavo Pastre is such a one, salvage reanimator. His gear is all of custom design and handmade. So it's tough to guess how you're hearing the layered sonic planes you'll hear. His very hands seem to vanish, reaching out to buttons and potentiometers that aren't there but in his mind. There phantom fingers find still smaller circuits working their impossibilities.

Methods Body
Featuring custom tuning systems, drums, iterative sampling technologies, involuted polyrhythms and the cadences of language, John Niekrasz (drums; Ecstatic Peace, ESP-Disk') and Luke Wyland (electronics/keys; The Leaf Label, Crammed) released their impressive debut album on New Amsterdam records in 2020. Recordings are one thing, but to hear them up close inside the Peacock Lounge will challenge you to perceive their sonic legedermain, at once primal and futuristic, as it unfolds before you.

KREation Ensemble
Deep tone practitioner Kevin Robinson leads this ensemble whether it manifests as 35 piece orchestra (known as KREation Conference of the Birds) as quintet, trio, duet or solo. This outing will feature Robinson on woodwinds, leading a trio to be revealed only as the curtain is drawn, thus affording you ecstatic astonishment of the unknown, a deity's-eye-view of darshana.

Cost: $5-$15 notaflof