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Fri, Nov 4 2022 6:00 PM

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Friday November 4
6p AMP Folktales Together Open House/
8p AMP Live/
A celebration of AMP Folktales artists and community leaders, featuring live music by AMP commissioned artists La Macacoa feat. Roco Cordova (supported by New Music USA) and music/visual duo Beast Nest & Anum Awan. The Open House features music of Ratskin Records, resource sharing, and a Dabke Palestinian folkdance workshop.

Saturday November 5
2p Afternoon TAC Salon/
In the spirit of our TAC Salon Series that began in the late 90’s - we offer this afternoon lunch concert featuring Hazel Atlas, The Lake Snakes, and RAGS [James Seevers].

7p TACxxv Night/
We will kick off with an Anniversary Salute to TAC led by TAC Director Leyya Tawil. The night features the work of our comrades Ratskin Records, TAC inspired Nail Art by Romantic Universe, and performances by Meanstreaks, and the Oakland homecoming of LA-based duo Beef Mice.

Sunday November 6
5p Joe Morris / Jean Carla Rodea / Gerald Cleaver Trio
Free music trio Joe Morris (guitar), Jean Carla Rodea (voice, electronics) and Gerald Cleaver (drums) present a special TAC@25 matinee concert. Downbeat Magazine called guitarist/composer/improviser Joe Morris, “the preeminent free music guitarist of his generation.”

7:30p Doors that Only Open in Silence #78
An open participation, non-hierarchical workshop in free improvisation. Randomly assembled small groups collaborate live.

COST/ Free / Donations accepted at the door or anytime / venmo @tac_oakland

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