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Wed, Nov 2 2022 8:00 PM

8:00 pm Tom Djll
Solo set of trumpet and analog electronics.

Tom Djll has taken the trumpet as far beyond its silver, snarling vernacular as it is possible to go, and as far from the extended technique proponents as Bill Dixon is from Roy Castle. Djll’s trumpet extensions are in some respects no different to what early jazzmen used as punctuation devices or timbral effects. Few have gone as far as Djll, though, in making such articulations the entire substance of a piece, and none have gone so far in the development of split-channel playing." - The Wire

9:00 pm Melody Duo (Atchley/Torio)
The premier performance of Melody Duo featuring:
Josephine Torio, voice, Kattt Atchley, voice
(Sustained drone and melodic development)
Creating a melody is so weird
When a melody starts showing up
I often don’t believe that is what it is
One note here or a couple notes there
It may disappear
It may come back
If it is something
It comes back
So write it down, record, hum or play for a friend
(thoughts by Kattt, Sun, 10/02/2022)

Cost: $10-20 sliding
Audio samples in which musicians at this event play: