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Wed, Nov 16 2022 7:30 PM

PirĂ¡mides (Monterrey, Mexico)
Decomposition and musical regeneration process directed by Patricio Coronado

Agnes Martian
Agnes Martian is the soundtrack for a planetarium that charts your inner space. The collaboration grew out of a weekly ritual of deep listening and collective cosmic exploration. We continually adapt to changing circumstances but all of our iterations have retained an interest in repetition, improvisation, and spontaneity.

Joel St.Julien
Joel St. Julien is a Haitian-American composer, musician, songwriter, and sound artist based in San Francisco. Joel has written music for documentaries, short / feature films, podcasts, and dance. He is a firm believer in experimentation/fusion with acoustic and electronic elements in sound oscillating through escapism and the mysticism of the present tense.

Neoglyphic Media

Cost: $10 n.o.t.a.f.l.o.f.