Serving the San Francisco Bay Area New Music Community

Sat, Jan 28 2023 7:30 PM

Nathan Wheeler is a composer, improviser, choreographer, media artist, and educator based in the United States. Their work focuses on hybridizing the contemporary, the traditional, and the imaginary to synthesize stunning new approaches to art making and community building.

San Kazakgascar is a Sacramento-based band that formed in 2006. Core members Jed Brewer and Greg Hain have worked with several players such as Anthony Occipinti, Rachel Freund, Chris Hall, Paul Takushi, Linda Michelle Hardy, Mike Woo, Tony Passarell, Matt Kretzman, Sheila Bosco, Ethan Port, Brian Lucas, Robert Kennedy, Colleen Kelly, James Jaroba Barnes, John Cypher, Jeff Tobias, Rusi Gustafson, and others. The Kazakgascar sound is made on an art-punk/surf/drone/psych foundation and accented with Central Asian/Eastern Europe flavors.

Jorge Bachmann and Kevin Corcoran collaborate regularly in electroacoustic settings for improvised synth and percussion as well as with field recording based works for broadcast and audiovisual pieces for gallery installations. This evening they are joined by Kae Wu, poet, musician and dancer from Taipei, Taiwan, who they've associated with for years but haven't collaborated with live until now. Expect bristling soundscapes with poetry in Mandarin, English and French.

Adobe Books is a cooperative bookstore in the San Francisco Mission district which continues to serve as a crucial yet casual venue for experimental performance in the Bay Area. Thanks to Matt Robidoux for the continued support of creative community.

Cost: donation