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Thu, Apr 13 2023 8:00 PM

Please rapid-test day of show, keep each other healthy and safe!

Bromp Treb
Neil ‘Cloaca’ Young, beloved and reviled for sounds he repeatedly makes on stage with Fat Worm of Error, has an onomatopoetic solo project, Bromp Treb. These are the sputterings of refined dysfunction and eager uncertainty. An improvised maze of crooked rhythms and tangled textures made with voice, synthesis, percussion as ritualized pratfall. Here there is no HiFi and no LoFi only FiFi.

Ava Koohbor
Immersion in the immediate living world, familiar found objects as yet unfamiliar to the artistic world. Through an indeterminate process, found objects manifest themselves into assemblages; representing a dynamic transition from conditioned mind of the artist to unpredictable universal possibilities of form.

If one hand clapping gets snared in the gears and extruded through a Boltzmann brain, does the whole forest fall into leaves? Kristian Dahlbom combines digital synthesis, feedback and DSP to foster then fell improbable sounds that live unto silence. A sort of sonic doula, Dahlbom is based in LA following his deep immersion in studies at Mills College. Don't miss this singular moment inside the Peacock Lounge.

Unpopular Electronics
Gino Robair patches Tom Djll into his array only to discover the resulting circuit is a two-headed snake snarfing endlessly spawned tails. Caught in alligator clips, wrestling like Laocoön in a nest of patchcords, it's really the audience who ends up ensnared when Robair and Djll merge via Serge modulars. Robair has performed and recorded with Tom Waits, Anthony Braxton, John Zorn, Nina Hagen, Terry Riley, Lou Harrison, John Butcher, Derek Bailey and is a founding member of the Splatter Trio and Pink Mountain. Djll has performed with Roscoe Mitchell, Karl Berger, David Toop and plays with Tender Buttons, Euphotic, and Kokuo.

Cost: $5-$15 notaflof