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Wed, Aug 9 2023 11:00 AM

"the sounding jaw" - a workshop in jaw & body release

August 9, 11am-1pm

With visiting artist, Angela Lamprianidou - choregrapher & dentist - from Berlin.

In this artistic invitation, communication, voice and body are asked to function as one. After the Jaw Release Training, which brings the entire body to relaxation in a holistic way, we will explore performative and playful life questions, moods and spaces in our body and on the outside.

The jaw, the temporomandibular joint, the mouth, the teeth, the musculature of the surrounding anatomical fields - they are all connected to all other joints and organs. In my view, the temporomandibular joint is a metaphor for life: food, communication, movement "if you can let go of your jaw, you can surrender".

Level: for all kinds of performers who want to experiment with voice spaces and the body.

Registration by PayPal to or cash at door.

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Angela Lamprianidou