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Thu, Sep 14 2023 8:00 PM

Peacock Lounge
552 Haight

Jim Haynes, Suki O'Kane, Demonsleeper, Gabriel Stern
Thurs Sept 14 8pm-11pm Peacock Lounge, 552 Haight, SF
All-ages, $5-$15 no one turned away for lack of funds.
Please rapid-test day of show, keep each other healthy!

Jim Haynes
If corrosion is your vocation, the initial conditions become as elemental as the rusting sulfates and chlorides themselves. In studio or from the field, Haynes gathers signals massive or miniature, shortwave or hypodermic, concussive or ultrasonic. Those initial signals cross contaminate his corroding molecules and the first timecycle will be as present as the last with results that could be visible, tactile, conceptual or, at this performance, audible. Treat yourself to the raptures of generative decay. Behold as "cycles of activity collapse into stasis, and how that stasis can rupture when any number of pressures are applied."

Suki O'Kane
A natural born instigator across multiple worlds of music, movement, expanded cinema and public art genres, O'Kane emanantes what in days gone by would have been painted as an aura, a halo, and yet evades mainstream detection by immersing herself, decades-deep, in gorgeously fetid swamps of shared artistic endeavor. Composing for and collaborating with so many artists, including Thingamajigs Performance Group, inkBoat, Theater of Yugen, the Dan Plonsey ensembles, and Illuminated Corridor, it's a rare treat to see her perform solo. Of course, focusing on movement theater and durational performance, the audience becomes her unwitting collaborator. Rising from the bog of our collective warmth there appears dripping Jurassic electronics, a bass drum painted with moving images, masterful restraint, and a treasure of sound.

Deathrattle lullabys and inescapable lucid dreamscapes wrought by somnambulist maestra, Alexandra Buschman-Román, have become cherished among audiophiles lucky enough to find themselves in a room with her. In 1999, she formed the electro-acoustic group, Synethesia, together with Angélica Negrón. After scaring the daylights out of everyone at the Conservatory of Music in Puerto Rico, she matriculated to Mills College before committing to advanced studies with ancient dark forces whose names must never be spoken.

Gabriel Stern
As if striking a stone to summon a green geyser, Gabriel Stern touches off irrepressible beats and alarming timbres from his boulder of synth circuits. An aeonian fountain of sound begins to fill the room to its rafters as you realize you're in the presence of a sort of Radagastian wizard whose heart and ears are forever wide open. You'll find yourself wanting to nest atop his head and drink in the unceasing euphony he conjures.

Cost: $5-$15 notaflof