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Fri, Dec 1 2023 8:00 PM

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A Synesthete’s Atlas: Cartographic Improvisations between Eric Theise and Santomieri-Farhadian Duo

Real-time cartographic improvisations using projected, manipulated digital maps by Eric Theise in collaboration with Thea Farhadian, violin and electronics, and Dean Santomieri, electric resonator guitars. A visual wash of street grids, land masses, water bodies, and curiosities from built and natural environments. Chromatic timbres and iridescent micro-tonalities. Orphaned labels and free-floating symbology. Auditory roundabouts and redirections. Saturated colors and the subtlest of tints. Sounds symphonic and screeching. Jittery zooms, pans, and traversals. Glitches in crowdsourced data.

This performance will last approximately 50 minutes and will occasionally introduce strobing effects that may affect photosensitive viewers.

Friday, December 1, 2023; 8pm
Shapeshifters Cinema
567 5th Street
Oakland, CA 94607
$15 (discount for Shapeshifters members)

Eric Theise is a San Francisco-based artist and geospatial software developer. Through video and realtime performance tools he reinvigorates the perceptual inquiries of structural filmmakers, experimental animators, the Light and Space movement, and 60's light shows, occasionally injecting letterform experiments inspired by visual poetry, as new possibilities in the realm of digital cartography. Since its Lisbon premiere in April 2022, A Synesthete's Atlas has been performed in dozens of cities across the US; it’s been described as anti-cinema, post-cinema, pre-cinema, and truly radical cartography.

Thea Farhadian is a performer/composer based in San Francisco Bay Area and Berlin. Her projects include solo violin and interactive electronics, acoustic improvisation, solo laptop, radio art, and video. Her solo pieces for violin and electronics combine a classical music background with extended technique and digital processing using the program Max/MSP.

Dean Santomieri composes and performs using electric resonator guitars in non-standard tunings. Stylistically his playing is most closely associated with the modern classical avant-garde, and is characterized by a loose compositional framework that allows for improvisatory explorations. He also regularly performs as a spoken word artist, usually with musical accompaniment. His stories and poems are inspired by music, dreams, the visual arts, word games and intentionally misheard / misread items from radio and newspapers.

Farhadian and Santomieri have been playing and recording together since 2011.

Cost: $15 (discount for Shapeshifters members)
Audio samples in which musicians at this event play:
Videos featuring musicians playing at this event
Krys Bobrowski: sliding speaker; Eric Theise: map manipulations. Excerpt of the 40 minute improvisation that took place on 13 November 2022 at Mosswood Sound Series, Oakland, CA. Thanks to Matt Ingalls of sfSound for presenting experimental sound, weekly, in this warm and welcoming venue throughout 2022. Thanks, too, to Conrad and Willis Meyers for the loan of the digital projector.