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Sat, Dec 9 2023 7:30 PM

UMA Gallery
3630 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA 94609

Gliss, Glass, Gong: Where metal and water entwine.

Immerse yourself in the intriguing fusion of gongs and the innovative water-filled glass instrument, Gliss Glass created by Krys Brobrowski. Krys is a sound artist and musician. In addition to concert works, she has created interactive installations and designed day long performances. Krys often transforms natural and everyday objects such as kelp and bowls into musical instruments. As part of her residency in the Learning Studio, Krys played with air- and helium-filled balloons as resonators for her music, and with steel plates and electric conduit tubing as sound sources.Gliss Glass Gong unveils a sonic landscape where the fluidity of water meets the metallic echoes, creating a captivating harmony that resonates with intelligence and depth.

Musician extraordinaire, Karen Stackpole joins Krys on gongs. "Drummer/percussionist Karen Stackpole began her career as a rock drummer in the late '80s, playing with numerous bands between the Monterey and San Francisco Bay areas and touring up and down the west coast. Over the years she branched out, exploring blues, alterna-country, funk, jazz, and progressive rock as well as foraying into experimental music and alternative metal. Recent endeavors include drumming with Malcolm Mooney and the Tenth Planet, the Francis Wong Unit, and singer/songwriter Audrey Howard.
In addition to musical pursuits with gongs, Karen has also collaborated with sound healers, working with people with autism as well administering "gong baths" and delving into the transcendental aspects of the gong. She teaches drumming, gonging, and audio engineering and contributes regularly to DRUM! and Electronic Musician magazines and has also written for Onstage and Traps magazines."
-Paiste Gongs

Join us for a unique musical experience that offers a refreshing escape for the discerning audience seeking solace in the art of sound.
Audio samples in which musicians at this event play: