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Karen Stackpole
Karen Stackpole performs and records with metals/gongs duo Euphonics, Dean Santomieri, Ron Thompson, Myles Boisen, Moe Staiano, and John Schott’s Ensemble Diglossia as well as collaborating on various other projects. Gongs and resonance are the calling. Small distinct sounds (a la insect music) and use of silence and space rank high also. She is the drummer for Cactus Motel and has played with Malcolm Mooney and The Tenth Planet, Moxie, Bolshoi Rodeo, and Rare Thing. She is the percussionist for the improvising quartet, Vorticella. Her percussive efforts include work with the Onsite Dance Company and the San Francisco Shin Taido group. Karen also operates Stray Dog Recording Services and works as a freelance writer for DRUM! and Electronic Musician magazines.
Upcoming Events:

Wednesday, September 26 2018 8:00 PM
Canessa Gallery [708 Montgomery St SF]
Ghost in the House play a tribute to former band mate Kinji Hayashi. The show includes special guests Bruce Ackley from ROVA and the amazing Butoh dance of Christina Braun  More...
Wednesday, October 3 2018 7:30 PM
The Tiger Garage: a private studio in south Berkeley [disclosed to you when we confirm your reservation]
Listening, Sounding, Moving, Being: Visiting movement artist Cilla Vee/Claire Elizabeth Barrett joins Karen Stackpole (percussion), Nancy Beckman (shakuhachi), and Tom Bickley (recorder and electronics) for a performance of experimental music and dance.  More...
CDs on which Karen Stackpole appears:
Bruckmann/Diaz-Infante/Shiurba/Stackpole grand mal
Artist: Bruckmann/Diaz-Infante/Shiurba/Stackpole
Title: grand mal
Label: Pax Recordings bar 1234/pax
Label page on this site: Pax Recordings
Pax Recordings bar 1234/pax
T.D. Skatchit & Company T.D. Skatchit & Company
Artist: T.D. Skatchit & Company
Title: T.D. Skatchit & Company
Label: Edgetone Records EDT4096
Label page on this site: Edgetone Records
Edgetone Records EDT4096
Artist: John Shiurba
Label: Limited Sedition LS009
Label page on this site: Limited Sedition
Limited Sedition LS009
Ron Thompson, Karen Stackpole Music for Guitar and Percussion
Artist: Ron Thompson, Karen Stackpole
Title: Music for Guitar and Percussion
Label: Spiritpark Records 2
Label page on this site: Spiritpark Records
Spiritpark Records 2
Karen Stackpole Gongin' My Life Away
Artist: Karen Stackpole
Title: Gongin' My Life Away
Label: Choppydisc Records 33
Label page on this site: Choppydisc Records
Choppydisc Records 33
Jack Wright Large Ensemble 8x9
Artist: Jack Wright Large Ensemble
Title: 8x9
Label: Limited Sedition LS025
Label page on this site: Limited Sedition
Limited Sedition LS025
John Schott Shuffle Play: Elegies for the Recording Angel
Artist: John Schott
Title: Shuffle Play: Elegies for the Recording Angel
Label: New World Records 80548-2
Label page on this site: New World Records
New World Records 80548-2
Karen Stackpole Metalwork
Artist: Karen Stackpole
Title: Metalwork
Label: Limited Sedition LS024
Label page on this site: Limited Sedition
Limited Sedition LS024