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Tue, Dec 26 2023 8:00 PM

The Back Room
1984 Bonita Ave Berkeley
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Damn Skippy: “A Tribute To Damn Skippy”

Scott Amendola, Will Bernard & John Schott from acid-jazz supergroup T.J. Kirk are joined by Todd Sickafoose for this special concert.

Three members of the 1990's Bay Area acid-Jazz supergroup T. J. Kirk are joined by acclaimed bassist/composer Todd Sickafoose. Drummer Scott Amendola and guitarists Will Bernard and John Schott are masterful instrumentalists who share a penchant for musical anarchy and comedy when they get together. This will be a memorable evening of feverish East Bay-centric Jazz and Funk, dished up by old friends and mad scientists of groove.

Audio samples in which musicians at this event play: