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Sat, Apr 13 2024 8:30 PM

Tannery Arts Center 1050 River St. #119 Santa Cruz
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Andrew Moses presents a performance that situates covert sonic military apparatuses in feedback, including voice-to-skull devices, MOSQUITO malware, voice-changer software, passive generators (Smirnov and Poynting vector emitters), and Hemi-Sync difference tones accessed by four polyphonic wheel-based string instruments of Moses' design. Composer Eliot Burk presents Four Guitar Reductions performed by Patrick Talesfore Jr., Rodrigo Barriga, Zoe Stenger, and himself.

Andrew Moses
Andrew Moses is a multimedia artist, composer, and clarinetist living in Los Angeles. His recent work applies feedback procedures to mechanisms for covert cognitive control, such as language, telepathy, binaural entrainment, cyber and cognitive security, material and ideological histories of military intelligence operations and devices, generative audio, and artificial intelligence. His compositions center an idiomatic infrasonic extended just intonation. His work has been presented by venues such as LA Phil’s Noon to Midnight and Green Umbrella series, Ojai Music Festival, UTA Artist Space, PHASE Gallery, Shapeshifter Lab, Yellow Barn, and Hear Now Music Festival.

Eliot Burk
Eliot Burk is a performance artist & composer of experimental music, born, raised, and currently living in Watsonville, CA. His work engages with the politics of the concert situation, exploring an unbroken transition between artificial behavior (performance), and the rest of life (day-to-day survival). Burk’s performances, installations, & compositions have been presented at/by: Dotolim (Seoul, South Korea), Darmstädter Ferienkurse, California Institute of the Arts, Seacliff State Beach Pier, the Bergamot String Quartet, 10 Almaden Business Complex (San Jose, CA), Hypercube Ensemble, Byrne-Milliron Forest, Robert Black, Sunnyvale Free Jazz BBQ, UCSB Symphony Orchestra, inside an abandoned oil silo at 34°20'45.2"N 118°30'25.7"W, New Century Voices, and many other ad-hoc ensembles in specific situations & locations.