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Sat, Apr 20 2024 8:30 PM

Tannery Arts Center 1050 River St. #119 Santa Cruz
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5pm - Screening curated by the artist [Altered States - Ken Russell]
– dinner break –
8:30pm - Performance by the artist

Join us for a rare West Coast performance from industrial/noise artist Dreamcrusher.

Dreamcrusher is a New York City-based musician and artist, who describes the project as 'nihilist queer revolt musik.' Dreamcrusher’s work is at once personal and abstract, revealing and antagonistic; performances and recordings shift between genres while subjecting the characteristic elements—melodies, beats, instrumentation—to distortion until the point of transformation. Dreamcrusher has released dozens of recordings with labels such as PTP, Fire Talk, and Corpus, as well as on Bandcamp and other online platforms. Dreamcrusher is also a member of the duo Centennial Gardens with King Vision Ultra.

Framed Listen
Framed Listen is a series in which artists across a wide spectrum of genre and sonic palette are asked to curate visual material that contextualizes their music practice. Each evening of the series is based around a different artist, opening with a screening and concluding with a performance. The series aims to highlight and expand engagement with different forms of experimental music, giving attendees a deeper look into the work of these extraordinary musicians.

Co-sponsored by KZSC and Redwood Records.