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Thu, May 23 2024 7:30 PM

660 Lomita Dr. Stanford
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Fernando Lopez-Lezcano: Phase Changes

CCRMA's own Fernando Lopez-Lezcano returns to the Stage for a live performance with his modular synthesizers and other bleeps-and-blops-making devices.

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FREE and Open to the Public


Face coverings are recommended. We encourage you to continue wearing masks for the comfort of our audience members, artists, and staff.

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Fernando Lopez-Lezcano was given a choice of instruments when he was a kid and liked the piano best. His dad was an engineer and philosopher, his mother loved biology, music and the arts. He studied both music and engineering, and thrives on a balanced diet of art and technology. He throws computers, software algorithms, engineering and sound into a blender and serves the result with ice in tall glasses, and over many speakers. He can hack Linux for a living, and likes to pretend he can still play the piano. He built El Dinosaurio from scratch 40+ years ago, and it still sings its modular songs. He also loves to distill music from pure software.

Cost: FREE