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Thu, Apr 25 2024 7:30 PM

Nathan Clevenger TRIO + Phillip Greenlief & MARIÉ ABE

The Nathan Clevenger Trio, featuring Jordan Glenn & Cory Wright, celebrates the release of their new album, ‘Unsettled by the Ocean.’ For tonight’s performance, the trio is joined by Phillip Greenlief & Marié Abe.

Oakland musicians Nathan Clevenger, Jordan Glenn, and Cory Wright share a long and entwined history of collaboration across various projects, including Wiener Kids, Ashen Cleric, and Fellow Hominids. Formed in 2021, the trio has released 3 albums — including the forthcoming “Unsettled by the Ocean” — and recently initiated a series of collaborations with guests, including Kasey Knudsen, Crystal Pascucci, Phillip Greenlief, Marié Abe, and Safa Shokrai. Working from, between, and against Clevenger’s compositional frames and utilizing the multi-instrumental flexibility of each player, the trio (and guests) weaves between non-idiomatic improvisation and often gnomic composed material, with focus on spaciousness and timbral detail.
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Fred Frith, Guitar; Jordan Glenn, Drums; Jason Hoopes, bass