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Sat, May 11 2024 4:00 PM

Fire at the Plantation House (FatPH) celebrates the release of their debut album “Southampton Insurrection”. An afternoon of memorable melodies and mosh-inducing riffs!
Fire at the Plantation House is a one-person project based on occupied Ohlone land (otherwise known as San Francisco) FatPH lyrically wrestles with the injustices that shape our world and pushes the musical boundaries of its sole member, John Angel. Weaving together eclectic genres such as death metal, bluegrass, neo-soul, and sacred choir, Angel creates vast musical journeys that manage to stay rooted in memorable melodies and mosh-inducing riffs. FatPH’s debut album, Southampton Insurrection, explores how systems of oppression in the past project themselves into our present and future and confronts what it is to be a person of privilege who wants to change the world for the better.

Cost: $15 General $10 Members & Students