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Fri, May 17 2024 8:00 PM

Tannery Arts Center 1050 River St. #119 Santa Cruz
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Carlos Giffoni performs his new record Dream Walker live with reactive visuals by Alex Pelly. RM Francis presents a new work in which latent phonological data is extracted from non-linguistic sound in order to generate the tonal, rhythmic, and semantic content of synthesized speech.

Carlos Giffoni
Carlos Giffoni is a Venezuelan experimental musician and writer living in Los Angeles. Carlos came up on the scene as a noise guitar player in the late 90s, with the Load Records band Monotract, as well as solo and collaboration, but quickly pivoted into electronic music composition in the early 00s with milestone releases on Important Records and his label No Fun Productions. The Venezuelan artist's solo and collaborative work with musicians like Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo from Sonic Youth, Nels Cline from Wilco, Jim O'Rourke, and Merzbow has earned him a reputation as one of experimental music's most-known contemporary performers. From 2004 to 2010 Carlos’ transnational avant-garde music summit No Fun Fest, and celebrated New York record label No Fun Productions, vitally propelled the trajectory and strengthened the cultural camaraderie of noise and improvised music worldwide. Carlos's new record 'Dream Walker' will be released on Ideologic Organ in the Spring of 2024. His music has also been featured in fashion shows and promotional campaigns by Jil Sander, Ermenegildo Zegna, and Prada.

RM Francis
RM Francis is an artist from Seattle working with computer-generated sound and language via recording, performance, and installation. His practice foregrounds computation-based compositional strategies, with a current emphasis on methods that exploit discrepancies between human and artificial auditory systems. His oeuvre spans multimedia work incorporating sound, video, performance, and chocolate (Hyperplastic Other, 2017), investigations of historical computer synthesis methods (A Taxonomy of Guffaws, 2020), procedural text works for a chorus of synthetic voices (Every Single Person Has Some Muscle, 2022), and hallucinatory duets between dictation apps and deep learning networks (pedimos un mensaje, 2023). In addition to his solo projects, in recent years he has collaborated with Jack Callahan and Jeff Witscher, Jung An Tagen, and farmersmanual, among others.