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Fri, May 24 2024 5:00 PM

Tannery Arts Center 1050 River St. #119 Santa Cruz
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5pm - Screening: Last and First Men
– dinner break –
8:30pm - Cel Genesis (Live)

Oakland CA project Cel Genesis combines an aggressive mixture of hardcore and electronic themes under the guise of a dystopic megacorporation with the same name. Horrifying visuals and strobe lights assault viewers between gabber kicks and pristine sound design.

Cel Genesis
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Last and First Men
Last and First Men juxtaposes a science fiction story written in 1930 and a haunting musical score with filmed images of the “Spomenik” – futuristic, abstract stone monuments erected during the communist era in the former Yugoslav republics. The narrator describes the life and society of a dying future race of humans, while taking us through a landscape of surreal and phantasmagorical monuments - filmed in 16mm black and white. These structures – once intended as symbols of Unity and Brotherhood but now forgotten, derelict and overgrown by vegetation – stand like lone, abandoned beacons, still beaming their message into the wilderness of the Balkan republics. The roving camera takes us through this futuristic landscape while we gradually learn all about the tragic and yet hopeful story of the last humans. The film creates a poetic relationship between these decaying concrete monuments and Olaf Stapledon’s story of a crumbling future civilization and synthesizes out of these seemingly unrelated elements an allegory on remembrance, unity, commemoration and the death of ideals and utopia.

Framed Listen
Framed Listen is a series in which artists across a wide spectrum of genre and sonic palette are asked to curate visual material that contextualizes their music practice. Each evening of the series is based around a different artist, opening with a screening and concluding with a performance. The series aims to highlight and expand engagement with different forms of experimental music, giving attendees a deeper look into the work of these extraordinary musicians.

Co-sponsored by KZSC and Redwood Records.