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Sat, May 18 2024 7:30 PM


Films by David Michalak/TRI-CORNERED TENT SHOW

Eye-Full Films presents Attack of the POPCORN OBSTACLES – the trouble with expectations in the Circus that surrounds performance. Films include: Popcorn Obstacles (1984) - a satire of the movie going experience with Mike & George Kuchar, Marc Austin and Billie-Marie, Portraits, Pt. 1 (1986), Once A Face (1982) and Reaching For the Trigger (1986)

David Michalak - Writer, Director, Photographer, Producer for Eye-Full Films from 1971 - 2024 on over 50 films that have been shown in festivals: Cannes 1982 Film Festival, 25 Year Anniversary of Eye-Full Films in S.F., Film Arts Foundation Festivals, S.F. Cinematheque Retrospective, S.F. International Film Festival, Berlin Film Festival and many more as well as countless film shows in New York and the Bay Area.

In the early 20th century, “tent shows” created multiple stages of interest vying
simultaneously for attention. They could be selling you medicine, salvation,
entertainment or war.

TRI-CORNERED TENT SHOW are celebrating their latest CD release, Weird Excursions - a poly idiomatic, psyche-delic R&B exotica filled with politically incorrect, avante, free-form funky fever...

Philip Everett - Synths, Percussion, Electric Lapharp, Xlarinet
Ray Schaeffer - Electric Basses
Anthony Flores - Drums & Percussion
Valentina O - Vocals

Cost: $15 General $10 Members & Students