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Tue, Nov 12 2002 8:00 PM

The Black Box
1928 - 32 Telegraph Avenue Oakland CA
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SFSOUND presents the music of EARLE BROWN [1926-2002]

20 musicians will perform AVAILABLE FORMS I and MODULES I & II.

also : the Goodheart - Allen - Powell Trio

Matthew Goodheart, piano
Josh Allen, saxophone
Garth Powell, percussion

the sfSound Large Ensemble is:

Shakuhachi: Phil Gelb
Oboe: Rika Brent
Bb/Bass Clar: Jacob Lindsay
Bassoon: Chris Jones
Saxophone: Rent Romus
Trumpet: David Bithell/Tom Djll
Trombone: Jen Baker/Tom Yoder
Harp: Ernesto Diaz-Infante
Piano: Matthew Goodheart
Timpani: Garth Powell
Orch Bells/Marimba: - Joel Davel
Xylophone/Vibraphone: - Amanda Thompson
Vn: David Ryther
Vn2: Mark Chung
Vla: Jorge Boeringer
Vc: Hugh Livingston
Cb: George Cremaschi
Conductor: ma++ ingalls AND the ensemble

Formed in 1999, the Goodheart ­ Allen ­ Powell trio is a collaborative ensemble exploring both improvisational and compositional development. A highly rehearsed and disciplined group, special focus has been paid to rapid-fire interaction amidst a broad pallet of sonic, textural, and harmonic strucuring as well as historical reference. Their work ranges from timbral explorations to post-modern takes on free-jazz to Ives-like unifications of popular melodies and contemporary contexts.

Audio samples in which musicians at this event play: