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Garth Powell
drums, percussion, composition
For a percussionist/composer - time, rhythm, and pulse are undeniable, non-negotiable components of the craft. Yet, the sonic domain remains for many, a peripheral concern. Timbre is not only of equal importance; it is an integral part of the harmonic, melodic, and rhythmic construct. All four exist in the parallel sub-division of frequencies and waves. This relationship demands understanding, discipline, and mastery. In Garth’s music, these elements are meticulously combined, creating a transcendent force enveloping the listener. Ultimately, we are drawn into the ecstatic, and the inexplicable.


“Powell plays in a deceptively serene manner, establishing an illusion of tranquility that is often shattered by his breakaway tactics. He is a mercurial performer who turns the direction of the performance around with his dynamic execution and just as easily reverts to pensive, pastoral expression. Segments filled with tenderness and compassion often follow his most robust playing.” Frank Rubolino – One Final Note - issue #9 Winter 2002

Garth has performed throughout North America and Europe, and has been an active member and composer for the following ensembles:

Goodheart – Gebbia & Powell featuring Gianni Gebbia (alto saxophone and flute), Matthew Goodheart (piano) Featured in the 2003 CNMAT New Music Series and Portland Creative Music Guild – Spring Concert Series (Berkeley, California – Portland, Oregon – Spring 2003)

Goodheart – Allen & Powell with Matthew Goodheart (piano), and Josh Allen (tenor saxophone).
Goodheart – Allen & Powell headlined the 2000 Glen Spearman Festival, The 2001 San Francisco - Now Music festival, and the 2002 Olympia new music festival.

People in Motion featuring Gianni Gebbia (alto, c-melody, and sopranino saxophones), and Damon Smith (double bass). People in Motion was featured at the Dreamin’ California Festival (Palermo, Italy December 1998).

Greenlief & Powell with Phillip Greenlief (reeds and flutes) Featured in the 2002 Evander Music festival (Oakland, California – Spring 2002), and the 2003 Eagle Rock Performance Series (Los Angeles, California – Winter 2003)

Fields – Cremaschi & Powell featuring Scott Fields (guitars) and George Cremaschi (contrabass)
Featured in the 2002 SF Alt Festival (San Francisco, California May 2002)

Jon Raskin Trio featuring Jon Raskin of ROVA saxophone quartet (baritone, sopranino, and alto saxophones), George Cremaschi (double bass). The Jon Raskin Trio was featured at the 2001 Transbay Trios Festival.

Goodman – Cremaschi & Powell featuring Greg Goodman (prepared piano), and George Cremaschi (double bass). Featured in the 2000 Finger Palace Series (Berkeley, California Summer 2000).

KLiP Trio (Concrete Electronique Trio), with Elliot Kallen (electro-acoustic piano and keyboards), and John Lauffenburger (double bass and electro-harmoniques).

Actual Size featuring Bruce Ackley of ROVA saxophone quartet (soprano and tenor saxophones) and George Cremaschi (double bass). Actual Size was featured at the Rovate festival (San Francisco-January 1998), as well as the San Francisco Jazz Festival (October 1997).

Out By Five Featuring Bill Horvitz (guitars), George Cremaschi (double bass), and Jon Raskin (saxophones).

Tara Flandreu Trio with Matthew Goodheart (piano) and Tara Flandreu (violin) featured
in the Composers - 415 festival (San Francisco, fall 1999).

Mueller-Cremaschi-Powell with Jonas Mueller (piano), and George Cremaschi (double bass). Featured at the Av-Art Jazz and Improvised Music festival (Copenhagen, Denmark August 1999)

As a freelance artist, just a sampling of artists Garth has performed, and or recorded with are:

Bruce Ackley, Steve Adams, Marshall Allen, Bonnie Barnett, Tony Bevan, Rob Blakeslee, Jaap Blonk, John Butcher, Eugene Chadbourne, Nels Cline, George Cremaschi, Dominic Duvall, Arrington De Dianyso, Marco Eneidi, Tara Flandreu, Douglas Ewart, Jeff Gauthier, Gianni Gebbia, Lelio Giannetto, Phillip Greenlief, Vinny Golia, Matthew Goodheart, Greg Goodman, Mats Gustafsson, Phil Gelb, Henry Kaiser, Peter Kowald, Raphe Malik, Miya Masaoka, Shoko Mikagi, Eddie Moore, Tom Nunn, Pauline Oliveros, Miriam Palma, Bill Plake, Jon Raskin, Wadada Leo Smith, Glenn Spearman, Moe Staiano, Oluyemi Thomas, David Tucker, Bert Turetzky, Saadet Turkos, Michael Marcus, Peter Van Bergen, Vittorio Villa, Jack Wright, The American Jungle Orchestra, and The Jackson Krall Drum Quartet.
CDs on which Garth Powell appears:
Moe! Staiano's MOE!KESTRA! Two Forms of Multitudes: Conducted Improvisations
Artist: Moe! Staiano's MOE!KESTRA!
Title: Two Forms of Multitudes: Conducted Improvisations
Label: Pax Recordings PR90261
Label page on this site: Pax Recordings
Pax Recordings PR90261
Greg Goodman/Garth Powell/George Cremaschi Woody Woodman's Circus of Construction
Artist: Greg Goodman/Garth Powell/George Cremaschi
Title: Woody Woodman's Circus of Construction
Label: The Beak Doctor BD 8
Label page on this site: The Beak Doctor
The Beak Doctor BD 8
Out by 5 Shards from a Future Utopia
Artist: Out by 5
Title: Shards from a Future Utopia
Label: Rastascan Records BRD 1234
Label page on this site: Rastascan Records
Rastascan Records BRD 1234
Gebbia, Powell, Smith People In Motion
Artist: Gebbia, Powell, Smith
Title: People In Motion
Label: Rastascan Records BRD 044
Label page on this site: Rastascan Records
Rastascan Records BRD 044
Rituel New Music for a New America
Artist: Rituel
Title: New Music for a New America
Label: Rastascan Records BRD 022
Label page on this site: Rastascan Records
Rastascan Records BRD 022
Golia, Powell, Cremaschi Win This Time
Artist: Golia, Powell, Cremaschi
Title: Win This Time
Label: Limited Sedition LS018
Label page on this site: Limited Sedition
Limited Sedition LS018
Goodheart Allen Powell Trio I Can Climb a Tree, I Can Tie a Knot, I Can Have a Conversation
Artist: Goodheart Allen Powell Trio
Title: I Can Climb a Tree, I Can Tie a Knot, I Can Have a Conversation
Label: Road Cone 032
Label page on this site: Road Cone
Road Cone 032
Gebbia, Robair, etc. A Night in Palermo
Artist: Gebbia, Robair, etc.
Title: A Night in Palermo
Label: Rastascan Records BRD 041
Label page on this site: Rastascan Records
Rastascan Records BRD 041