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Sat, Dec 15 2007 9:00 PM

21 Grand
presenting at the Fishtank | 3405 Piedmont Ave. @ Broadway) Nearish MacArthur BART Oakland
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Rock Lotto Benefit for 21 Grand, curated by Moe! Staiano, featuring over 20 musicians including: Matt Davignon, Tom Duff, Thomas Scandura, Bob Marsh, Dominique Leone, Alicia Byer, Bill Wolter, and Allen Whitman.

Participants submit their name and the instrument they play. Then the names are drawn from a hat to form bands. The bands have about a month or so to write about three to five songs, or about a 20-minute live set, and then everyone gets together to rock in front of an audience. There have been some really great performances and bands from the past other four years (we skipped a year) with some awesome results from the participants.

Cost: $6-20
Audio samples in which musicians at this event play: