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Wed, Apr 11 2012 7:30 PM

Tuesdays at Tom's Place
3111 Deakin Street Berkeley
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Two soloists: Wolter Wierbos (trombone) and John Shiurba (acoustic guitar.)

Wolter Wierbos is one of the world's leading trombone players. His interests range from precise chamber jazz to throbbing post punk and contemporary composed and improvised music.

Described as "a phenomenon, both a humorous importer of every style into his template-free, fat-backed sound, and a tireless spy in the house of brass", he is equally at home using the classic trombone vocabulary or enthusiastically giving a round-trip tour of his horn, from buzzing mute mutations and grizzly blurts to purring multiphonics. He is also "a very good instant composer, good at keeping it moving and not taking it too seriously". Since 1979 he has played with numerous music ensembles: Cumulus (with Ab Baars and Harry de Wit), JC Tans & Rockets, Theo Loevendie Quintet, Guus Janssen Septet, Loos (Peter van Bergen), Maarten Altena Ensemble and Podiumtrio. He led his own band, Celebration of Difference, and has been involved in theater, dance, television and film projects. He has been invited to play with the EX, Sonic Youth, Gruppo Sportivo and the Nieuw Ensemble (led by Ed Spanjaard).

John Shiurba is one of the Bay Area's best improvising guitarists. On each day of January of this year he recorded an hour-long solo on an (unprepared) acoustic guitar. (Excerpts are posted here.) Obviously they're very different from the all-out prepared electric guitar gymnastics we've come to expect from John. We have talked him into bringing his acoustic guitar over and doing it live.

Cost: Free, donations accepted
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