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Eric Theise
Vocalizer. Visual artist. Map jockey.
Eric Theise is a San Francisco-based artist and geospatial/web software engineer. He's made 16mm experimental films which have been exhibited across the United States, Canada, and France; worked with alternative photographic processes such as pinhole, photogravure, and cyanotype; and on his own – or as a member of the Cornelius Cardew and Long Tone Choirs – he's performed at the Asian Art Museum, Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive, Center for New Music, The Chapel and the Chapel of the Chimes, Finnish Kaleva Hall, Luggage Store Gallery, Meridian Gallery, Mills College, Temescal Art Center, the Tower at Oliver Ranch, and the Western Bunkers at Mare Island.

He's presently focused on combining strategies from experimental film & animation, color theory, the Light and Space movement, and concrete poetry with open data and open source software to create digital maps that behave in ways never intended by the original developers. Some of these maps find their way into single channel video works, some are projected and manipulated in real time as part of collaborative performances with improvising musicians under the umbrella of A Synesthete's Atlas.

Excerpted from a 45 minute improvisation between Eric Theise, manipulating digital maps, and Helena Espvall, performing on cello with electronics. The performance took place on 21 April 2022 at Hangar: Centro de Investigação Artística in the Graça district of Lisboa, Portugal.

In this sequence the scene is anchored at René Levasseur Island, the world's second largest lake island, located 464 miles/746 km northeast of Montréal. The impact of a meteor 214 million years ago is responsible for its geological form but it only became an island as a result of human intervention; a reservoir was created by flood-merging two extant, crescent-shaped lakes in 1970. First Nations peoples and environmentalists are working to protect old-growth boreal forests from logging at this "eye of Québec".

Krys Bobrowski: sliding speaker; Eric Theise: map manipulations. Excerpt of the 40 minute improvisation that took place on 13 November 2022 at Mosswood Sound Series, Oakland, CA. Thanks to Matt Ingalls of sfSound for presenting experimental sound, weekly, in this warm and welcoming venue throughout 2022. Thanks, too, to Conrad and Willis Meyers for the loan of the digital projector.